• Preschool Full Spanish Immersion Age 2.5-4.5
  • Homeschooling group class k-8 grade (Cameron Park: To  register for fall lessons:
  • Private lessons 5 years and up
  • Summer camps 3- 8 years old Starting June 11 August 3
  • Private and enrichment after school classes at your school sites

*NOTE: If you help to have the Spanish Immersion Program after school at your local school, or have a group ready for a lesson we will give the whole group a special discount.

Our Unique Full Immersion Preschool Spanish Program
The Spanish Immersion Program Offers a preschool-like experience that will prepare your child for Kindergarten all while learning a second language.  All subjects are taught in a fully immersed environment that promotes play and exploration. Activities are developed to reflect grade level and students are evaluated on a quarterly basis.

Location: The Spanish Immersion Program has a  Sacramento area location for your convenience. 

*Sacramento Location: 1500 Dom Way Room 15 Sacramento, CA 95684

Days: M-F ( pick 2 or more  half or full days)

Hours: 8:00 am – 4pm

AM Class 8:00-12:00

PM Class 12:15  pm – 4:15 pm

All day 8:00-4:00