Why choose the SIP?

Our instructors have over 10 years of experience working with children.

We maintain a 8 to 1 ratio instructor to student.  

Our curriculum includes conversational and practical Spanish.

Children learn according to their individual learning style.

The children will take home worksheets to practice what they learned in class.

We believe in interactive learning.

The children will get expose not only to Spanish, but to the Hispanic culture.

All the Classes are 100% in  Spanish!

Hands on Activities and Opportunities for learning include:

  • Matching games and Play Pretend.
  • Table activities with worksheets.
  • Singing Songs and Musical Rhythms.
  • Practical living skills/cognitve games.
  • Dancing, physical excersises and Music and Movement.

Immersion Program Comes in Three Flavors:

Full, Partial, and Dual

These should be lively and interesting and address a variety of learning styles by incorporating speaking, listening, games, music, movement, visual aids, and reading and writing (where it is appropriate to the grade level).