The Spanish Immersion Program

Our Mission

Our mission at The Spanish Immersion Program is to provide our students with a rich and authentic environment to learn the Spanish language through creative and fun activities. Our total immersion approach to language learning is what separates us from other programs. In addition to a rich environment developed to promote everyday conversation in Spanish, our program offers age appropriate Preschool curriculum. We incorporate educational materials with cultural activities to provide a well-rounded fully immersed language experience that will prepare them for present global needs.

Our Vision

To be recognized as an exceptional educational institution for language learning in the Greater Sacramento area; by providing quality services that are enriched with all the necessary elements for a successful learning and enjoyment of the Spanish language at an early age.

Our Values

  • Respect
  • Commitment to teaching
  • Integrity

Our Curriculum

Our curriculum was developed by Blanca Lawton, Director and Founder of the Spanish Immersion Program. Her approach to language learning involves a combination structured lessons with developmentally appropriate play/pretend learning activities. The foundation of our program’s curriculum strongly encourages individuality and expression through imaginative play, exploration, music, dance, art and culture.

The Spanish Immersion Curriculum is divided into the following areas:

  • Conversational practical Spanish and Daily Routines
  • Play/Pretend Activities
  • Hispanic Culture and Traditions
  • Language Workbooks
  • Creative Subjects (Arts and crafts, music, rhythm and movement).

 Our History

The Spanish Immersion Program humbly began at the home of Blanca Lawton in 2004. Mrs. Lawton saw a need for a Preschool-age program that incorporated play, music, art, culture, values through a full immersion-style language learning process. Very quickly her program grew and there was a need for after school lessons, homeschooling class programs,  In 2009 Mrs. Lawton started the creation of a didactic method for teachers.

Our exclusive preschool age program is centrally located in the Arden-Arcade area of Sacramento and welcomes children from ages 2.5 and up to 5 years old.


 Our Staff


Blanca was born and raised in Mexico City, Mexico. Her program and curriculum is inspired by traditional teaching techniques that encourage individuality. She developed her own creative didactic teaching techniques that have resulted in over 14 years of successful language teaching in the Greater Sacramento Area.

“Throughout my journey as a business woman and mother of two, with the firmness of maintaining Mexican traditions and the hope of seeing my children to grow up bilingual in California, I realized the barriers many families have in finding a place to be exposed to the target language acquisition.  I was motivated  to help in the best way I could to overcome  this challenge and be successful in this globalized world we live in,  that is how I got inspired and created this program,  to give the children the opportunity to learn a new language through full immersion.

That is how the Spanish Immersion Program is born, I invite you to become one of the many families who are proud to be part of the multi-language world.”

Blanca M. Lawton


Why Choose Us?

All Classes are taught 100% in Spanish! Todas las clases son 100% en Español!

We want the children to learn Spanish in an environment that welcomes exploration. When you are a child, you learn with songs and games, following routines and pretend play. We have developed a series of techniques that blend standard teaching methods and Montessori teaching methods. These methods work together to create an atmosphere perfect for language learning through games, song, imaginative play, routines and the arts. This learning techniques also aid in the early development of their personality and allow them to tap into social roles that stimulate their expressive capabilities that encourage the broadening of dialog.

Queremos que los niños aprendan Español en un ambiente que invita a explorar. Cuando se es niño se aprende con cantos y juegos, siguiendo rutinas y pretendiendo. Nuestro objetivo es mezclar una serie de técnicas de enseñanza tradicional y Montessori para lograr que los niños aprendan Español jugando ya que el juego es indispensable en el desarrollo del niño. Con el afirma su personalidad y desempeña papeles sociales que estimula su capacidad de expresión y dialogo, y al mismo tiempo exponerlos a la cultura Hispana, y prepararlos para las necesidades futuras globales.


Our commitment

Our commitment is to build confidence in our children through the learning of the Spanish language and develop their appreciation and understand of Hispanic cultures. We believe in getting children involved in hands-on learning that enhances curiosity, creative expression and exploration.

Nuestro compromiso es ayudar a construir la confianza en los niños de hablar Español y exponerlos a la cultura hispana para apreciar y conocer las diferencias culturales globales.Creemos que la enseñanza interactiva para engrandecer curiosidad, expresión creativa y exploración.


Why choose the TSIP?

*Our instructors have over 10 years of experience working with children

*We maintain a 8:1 instructor to student ratio

*Our curriculum includes conversational and practical Spanish

*Children learn according to their individual learning style

*The children will take home worksheets to practice what they learned in class

*We believe in interactive learning

*The children will get expose not only to Spanish, but to the Hispanic culture.

We strive to keep our classes smaller in order to provide the genuine one-on-one attention that children need and deserve.


Hands on Activities and Opportunities for learning include:

*Matching games and Play Pretend

*Table activities with worksheets

*Singing Songs and Rhythmic Dance

*Practical living skills and cognitive games

*Dancing, physical exercises and fine and gross motor development